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Automatic box gluing machine for chips boxes

Model: CJ-ST-80A
Dimensions: 4600(L)×2600(W)×1600(H)mm
Equipment power: AC380V/50HZ/4.7KW
Motor power: 0.75KW
Air source pressure: 0.45-0.8mpa
Variety of adhesive used: Hot melt adhesive
Gluing method: Glue spraying type (plug-in type is optional)
Capacity of glue cylinder: 7kg/h
Carton specifications: Appointed special boxes
Carton specifications: Appointed special boxes
Work efficiency: 65-80 boxes/min
Operation temperature: 210℃
Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This equipment is special box sealing machine developed for snack foodchips boxes; it combines box opening, chips feeding, automatic gluing andautomatic sealing; it has compact and rational structure, and is simple foroperation and adjustment.

Characteristics & advantages

1. Servodrive, PLC programmable control system and man-machine interface display operation are adopted to obtain higher automation degree and humanization degree;

2. Adopt photocell eye automatic detection and tracking system, precise arc glue spraying and whole line displacement protection device, making the operation safe and reliable;

3. Replace rig only can complete style shifting production among different specifications;

4. It is able to be connected with front automatic box opening and packing production line; it is able to be equipped with labeling machine, code sprayer, online mass-meter and other production lines produced to fulfill linked production;

5. Glue spraying process is advanced and flexible; equipment glue spraying adopts man-machine conversational operation system and high precision encoder counting; glue spraying effect can be set as spot-spray, sectional spray and stripe spray; requirement for spraying glue quantity can be changed flexibly according to actual situation of products; the system adopts automatic tracking to fulfill identical response speed and glue spraying precision under different speeds.

6. This equipment adopts imported Spanish MELTON  M200 glue gun with stable glue spraying system to fulfill high precision gluing. 


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